Most popular XCMG builds roads for African village

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XCMG builds roads for African villagers free of charge

"once the roads are built, the village can get rid of poverty and backwardness as soon as possible. Thank XCMG excavators and workers Xu!" Facing the camera, Joe, the black guy, spoke enthusiastically. 4. Spring type microcomputer force application system experimental machine the experimental force is automatically applied through the spring type force application structure and the microcomputer controlled stepping electromechanical system. The stepping electromechanical (30) transmits a pair of worm (28) and worm gear (29) operating pairs with a reduction ratio of 80:1 through a pair of radial thrust ball bearings (31), (32)

joe is a XCMG excavator operator with two years of driving experience in the nearby mine. Behind him is a new and wide road more than 20 meters long. In the dense jungle at the end of the road, the busy figure of XCMG excavators can be seen from time to time

sambabek is located in the deep rainforest of the new belt where lush African hot enterprises are constantly expanding. It is beautiful and closed. When villagers go outside to purchase goods, they must cross the muddy, slippery and thorny rainforest path

the traffic jam and poor road conditions have deterred one investor after another. Sambabek's agricultural products can not be transported out, and the urgently needed daily necessities can not be transported in, seriously hindering the development of the village. Joe, the robot operator, grew up in such a small village. Xu's R & D personnel, who often chat with the robot operators, can also go to the customer's factory to investigate and solve technical problems. Tu Hui, the sales representative of the excavator, and sunwendian, the after-sales service personnel, knew this information, and the feelings of XCMG in the bone marrow suddenly sprouted. "If you want to be rich, you should build roads first". They are well aware of this truth. In order to eliminate the gap between the small village and the surrounding towns, they took the initiative to contact two local XCMG excavators and decided to build a accessible road for the villagers free of charge

I heard the good news that two huge "Chinese guys" were coming to build roads. Sambabek village was boiling. The villagers spontaneously organized a logistics service team to clean up the newly opened branches and soil and provide logistics support for the excavator within their capabilities. After 15 days of hard struggle, the channel between the small village and the outside world was finally opened, and the muddy and rugged rainforest path in the past was replaced by a broad broad road. The local villagers gathered together to celebrate. Looking at the two golden heroes XCMG xe230c, they touched left and looked right, competing to take close group photos with them

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