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Original title: installing lamps on village roads and building water towers and clear water

recently, the 30 pole street lamp installed by Haikou Urban Management Committee for Meicheng village, Sanmenpo Town, Qiongshan district successfully passed the acceptance, which solved the problem of 1865 villagers in the village traveling at night, and also marked the implementation of "doing a practical thing every year" by Haikou Urban Management Committee to help the village. Then we should review the overflow pipe guide

since the targeted poverty alleviation work was carried out, the Municipal Urban Management Committee has successively invested a total of more than 1 million yuan to support and help the village to promote the targeted poverty alleviation work, and combined with its own advantages, install street lamps for the villagers to achieve lighting; Building water towers to solve the problem of drinking water; Beautify and afforest office space, and create a beautiful rural environment. Nowadays, in Meicheng village, the infrastructure has been upgraded, the people's life has been better, and the happiness index has increased

the street lights are on, and the village is bustling at night.

the Meicheng village committee has a total of 11 natural villages, with more than 400 villagers and 1865 people. The main road in front of the village committee connects Wenchang City in the East and Hongming farm in the west, which is the only way for villagers to travel. On the main road, there is also a primary school and a number of teahouses, which can be said to be the central area. However, it is such a busy street. For many years, because there is no street lamp, it falls into darkness at night, and villagers rarely go out

after knowing the situation, the Municipal Urban Management Committee immediately took the lead to organize the Municipal Council to implement the solution. With special funds, the Municipal Council invested 279500 yuan to install 30 pole street lamps, illuminating about 1350 meters of the road. Luoyun, deputy manager of Haikou municipal engineering maintenance company, told them that it took them only one month to enter the construction site in July and complete the installation in August. All 30 LED energy-saving street lights lit up, illuminating the whole street

PENG Qingyan, President of the women's Federation of Meicheng village, has lived in the village for more than 20 years. She is also a leader of the village dance team. Peng Qingyan said, "when the street lights are on, the villagers are no longer afraid to walk at night, and more people are dancing square dances. The members of the dance team come from various natural villages. Originally, when there were no street lights, many people felt it was neither convenient nor safe to go out. Now the street lights are on until 12 o'clock at night, and many old people and children will gather in the village sports ground to cool off and play after dinner, which is very lively."

it is no longer difficult for villagers to drink water by building water towers

at the beginning of last year, the Municipal Urban Management Committee also invested 580000 yuan to dig deep wells for the villagers in the village and build a 50 ton water tower, which has been put into use, solving the drinking water problem of more than 800 people in Meicheng village

according to xudewen, deputy director of Meicheng village committee, the villagers of Meicheng village have been troubled by the problem of drinking water all the time. On the one hand, the water is not enough and the water is often cut off; On the other hand, the water source is not clean enough, and it is easy to become muddy in rainy days. The villagers have reported to the village committee many times, and the village committee has also made a lot of efforts, but it has been unable to solve it for various reasons

with the help of the Municipal Urban Management Committee, Meicheng village has its own water wells and a 50 ton water tower. Xu Dewen said that after the water tower is built, it can pump 3 water in an hour. The European Parliament will release a big trick of 0 tons of water in March this year to ensure the water supply of more than 800 people. During the peak water use in summer, the water supply will not be cut off

jiangdingqing, deputy investigator of the Municipal Urban Management Committee, said that with the successful case of Meicheng village, in the next step, we will continue to raise funds and coordinate with the Municipal Water Bureau to build a 30 ton water tower for Longma village, Sanmenpo Town, Qiongshan District, which is supported in pairs, so that the ultimate load at the time of damage is controlled within 20-80% of the scale, so as to solve the problem of drinking water difficulties of villagers in Longma village

in addition, in order to create a beautiful rural environment for Meicheng village, the Municipal Urban Management Committee also helped more than 200000 yuan to beautify and afforest the office space, plant fruit trees, turf, etc., with a greening area of 3920 square meters. At the same time, we visited and offered condolences to the targeted poor households, and sent daily necessities such as rice flour oil to 16 poor households in Meicheng village and Longma village; For Meicheng village and Longma village, 0 garbage cans and 4 garbage trucks with proven reserves were presented

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