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Realize multiple in one moxa hold intelligent transportation system seminar - 2005 moxa solution forum series activities - Beijing railway station, on the complex process of manual computing sea station

China industrial control industrial control information realize multiple in one moxa hold intelligent transportation system seminar - 2005 moxa solution forum series activities - Beijing Railway station Shanghai railway station

realize multi in one moxa held a seminar on Intelligent Transportation System - 2005 moxa solution forum series activities - Beijing railway station, Shanghai railway station

in line with the increasingly vigorous development of intelligent transportation construction in China, 2004 Technology (moxa) will hold the 2005 moxa solution forum "realize multi in one intelligent transportation system seminar" in Beijing (August 2) and Shanghai (August 9), The venues are located in the multi-function hall of Beijing Friendship Hotel and the Yayi Hall of Shanghai South new elegant Ramada Hotel. The purpose of this seminar is to share and exchange the future development trend and multi-in-one application scheme of the spot metal cobalt with a price of 80000 US dollars/ton

intelligent transportation system (ITS) is the mainstream of the development of modern transportation construction in the world. According to the "highway and waterway transportation technology development strategy" of the Ministry of transport, intelligent digital traffic management technology is one of the six strategic priorities. The intelligent transportation system in the new century needs to establish a multi-in-one management and monitoring system integrating data, image and sound. Only by providing real-time information and making the most effective use of transportation resources can we improve the quality of transportation; In the face of such a large and complex connection system, the real-time, stability and reliability of network communication has become one of the important core issues in the construction of intelligent transportation system

this seminar will invite authoritative experts in the field of transportation (Zhang Yong, director of Tianjin Municipal Industrial Research Institute, Hong Xiang, director of Shanghai Tunnel Engineering and rail transit Research Institute), as well as manufacturers and system integration partners with internationally known mechanical property experiments of welding electrodes and components (manager ouyangxu of Schneider Electric, manager Zhang Shiping of Hollysys system integration, manager Cheng Xue of Omron Automation Group, manager Dong Yiping of Huazhang electric), There are also senior product managers of 404 technology to share the development, application and typical cases of its, and jointly discuss the development status and typical applications of industrial Ethernet products in this field, so as to help establish a more stable, more reliable and more economical transportation communication scheme! In order to let the participants have an in-depth understanding of how to realize the multi-in-one its solution, moxa will put forward solutions such as how to build a Gigabit backbone with high stability and high reliability, a video centralized control network system and a serial port connection system for traffic signal control and acquisition in its infrastructure based on its's rich experience in providing high-quality industrial Ethernet communication solutions for many years. In addition, typical cases include advanced tunnel monitoring system, expressway power monitoring system, bridge monitoring system and rail transit ring; There are also practical demonstrations on site

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