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High end intermittent label printing machine

there are many different machines for label printing, such as oblique back label machine, intermittent label machine, satellite label machine and unit flexographic printing machine. These four different machines are suitable for different products. However, the author believes that the high-end intermittent label printing machine is an essential tool for label printing

first of all, let's take a look at the situation of China's label Market:

◇ in terms of market demand, we all know that China's printing quality requirements are very high, perhaps second only to Japan, and so are label printing

◇ there are many kinds of products, that is to say, the amount of bamboo powder produced each time is relatively small. Most companies do not have stable main products, especially in the fast-moving consumer goods market, and the launch speed of new products and new packaging is very fast

◇ from the perspective of the supply market, there are many small label processing enterprises. There is no particularly large label enterprise (compared with European and American suppliers). The equipment of label enterprises is relatively single, and few enterprises have a variety of equipment to meet the market demand

almost every boss of label processing enterprises knows that intermittent label printing machine is suitable for some small and medium-sized products because of its low printing cost, including no need to replace the plate cylinder, low plate making cost, and the trial machine material is less than 20 meters; But intermittent label printing is slow

small label enterprises have upgraded from oblique back label machines to intermittent label printing machines. The cost of purchasing machines is relatively low. Correspondingly, they will receive some relatively large orders, and the production cost will not increase, but the production efficiency and product quality will be greatly improved. It is not cost-effective to print some small and medium-sized orders with satellite label printing machine and flexographic machine. It needs to cooperate with intermittent label printing machine to reduce the startup cost, so intermittent label printing machine is an indispensable weapon in the Chinese market

there are some misunderstandings that users need to pay attention to when selecting intermittent label printers: first, intermittent label printers are expected to achieve the same printing quality as satellite label printers; Secondly, it is expected that the production efficiency is relatively higher than that of diagonal label printing, as if the device was designed to be used in non fusion machines

the printing quality of ordinary intermittent label printing machine is still not as good as that of satellite label printing machine, which can not meet the so-called rotary printing quality expected by users. In addition, the printing speed of ordinary intermittent label printing machine is only about 100 prints/minute. Based on the actual production of 80 prints/minute, the competitiveness of the market will also be further improved by meters/minute, which is too inefficient for a small number of orders

high grade intermittent label printing machines have fine machining and stable control system. Most of them use servo to drive each printing unit, avoiding the error of gear spindle transmission and providing stable high production quality. The reaction speed of servo drive is much higher than that of gear spindle drive machine, which can reduce the production waste and ensure the high-speed production speed. For example, the speed of servo driven intermittent label printer of Zhongtian Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. reaches 250 prints/min, which is equivalent to 30 meters/min with the actual production of 200 prints/min

high grade intermittent label printing machines are equipped with high-power and high-quality UV drying devices to ensure timely drying of ink during high-speed production

therefore, the author believes that only high-end intermittent label printing machines can reduce the startup cost, adapt to small and medium-sized batch orders, and ensure that the printing quality is improved to the level of rotary printing and relatively high production efficiency

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