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Share the tmall Genie M1 cookie smart speaker evaluation, and kneel when you speak! Last year, Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory released a new AI speaker, tmall elf x1. Once released, it was highly praised, and this year, tmall elf launched a smaller and lighter artificial intelligence speaker - one material has set 15 Guinness Records... This strange material is not the dream of science fiction - tmall elf M1. Recently, Xiaoxie also started a test for everyone. How about the performance of this tmall elf M1

it can be seen that compared with the previous generation x1, this tmall elf M1 gives people an overall feeling 7 The obstacles in the lifting process of the pendulum are much smaller. The whole is a small cylinder in size, half the height of an ordinary canned beverage, and it is very light to hold in one hand. It weighs 270g. The simple gray design style looks very fresh

its top is the manual control area of the whole speaker, which is white as a whole. Surrounded by microphone arrays, the four sound outlets are in symmetrical positions, while in the middle are three control keys, from the outside to the inside are the volume increase and decrease keys and the wheat close key

at the bottom, it is also gray and white. The outer ring is a circle of white, and the middle is a rubber anti-skid pad and a hidden charging port. This design is quite ingenious, because there is a small groove left below, which can be used to hide the power cord well, so that the speaker can be conveniently placed on the table

the speaker is surrounded by a circle of gray woven cloth, which is very dirt resistant and feels good. At the same time, this cloth is a removable design, and you can change any color you want. The logo of tmall elf is in the middle, and the lower position of the body is a circle of colorful breathing light bands unique to tmall elf. When you talk with the speaker, the light bands will flash different colors randomly

the connection of this tmall elf M1 is also very simple. You only need to download the app of "tmall elf". Connect the power cord and follow the sound prompt step by step to successfully connect tmall genie. Then say: Hello, tmall! You can have a happy dialogue with AI Yin on plastic materials, processing equipment and technology, product design and mold design

after entering the app, you can also see that the main interface is the dialogue interface with tmall elf, followed by skills, music and me. In addition to entertainment audio-visual programs, tmall elf also has many functions, such as schedule reminder, voice memo, phone charge recharge, smart home and so on

and it is very simple in specific use. In any case, you only need to say "tmall elf" or "Hello tmall" and then issue the corresponding voice command to wake up this AI speaker. For example: "tmall genie, play a song" we ";" Hello tmall ", what weather is tomorrow"; "Help me set a twelve o'clock alarm"; "Tmall genie, louder"; "Remind me to learn to drive tomorrow" and so on

in addition to playing basic songs, checking the weather, and daily reminders, the biggest feature of tmall elf M1 is that it can be bound to your Taobao account to charge your phone bill, order takeout, place orders on Taobao, and so on. As long as you turn on the voiceprint purchase function, tmall Elf can immediately incarnate into a hand chopping artifact. And it also has some very useful functions, such as retrieving, calculating travel plans, playing children's educational programs and playing children's games. It is very suitable for children as an enlightenment and educational partner

however, since this tmall elf is an AI speaker, it actually needs to be adjusted slowly more often. Sometimes there may be some strange and interesting conversations. She will make fun of you, raise the bar and so on. However, after the cat elves' in-depth study that day, I believe they can understand you better

the configuration part of this tmall elf M1 is equipped with MTK mt8516 processor, which is enough for speakers. At the same time, it has built-in aligenie voice assistant, four microphone arrays, and supports 2.4G WiFi connection and Bluetooth 4.2 connection

since as a speaker, its sound quality is also very important. After listening to several songs, we found that its sound quality is still OK. The overall sound sounds relatively transparent, high-frequency crisp, medium frequency warm, at the same time, the bass diving is also relatively deep, and the vocal resolution of some songs is also good, very pure

at the same time, one of the most important functions of today's smart speakers is to realize the interconnection of smart homes, which can turn the speakers into the master control of smart homes at home, turn on the TV, start the sweeping robot, turn on the lights, turn off the lights, and so on. Of course, currently tmall Genie M1 only supports some smart appliances, while non smart appliances need smart sockets and universal remote controls to help it

in general, this tmall Genie M1 smart speaker is still very good. It not only has a smaller and lighter appearance design, but also has a lot of functions. Its deep learning ability can also better understand you in daily use, and the super value price of 299 yuan can also make most human bodies realize the true charm of AI speakers. Dear audience, what do you think? Check [new product] tmall Genie M1 cookies smart speaker start friend evaluation

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