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The production and marketing linkage Mali terminal visit activity was successfully completed

the production and marketing linkage Mali terminal visit activity was successfully completed

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Africa has the largest desert in the world, and Mali is located in the southern edge of the Sahara desert in western Africa. This is a land where difficulties and opportunities coexist. After entering the market, Lovol brand has been widely praised by local users for its excellent quality and ultra-high cost performance

the period from mid September to October this year is one of the most important markets of aoshengde. In the Malian market, Lovol and dealers jointly opened the terminal visit activities in full swing. With the joint efforts of both parties, the event was successfully completed, and the brand reputation has been significantly improved in the terminal market

dealer a is an important business partner of Lovol heavy industry for five years, and has rich experience in agricultural machinery operation and management. During the cooperation with Lovol, the dealer attached great importance to team building and end-user reputation building, and held various activities with Lovol terminal service personnel every year<1. Operation characteristics of raw material industry in 2014/p>

this year, due to the impact of COVID-19, the overseas assignment of Lovol service personnel was affected. After many communications with dealers, it was agreed to continue the terminal visit activities. Lovol gave the dealer a series of material support, including leaflets, service work clothes, free filter elements, etc

from mid April to August every year, users in Mali use Lovol tractors for ploughing operations, and other months are mainly used for short-distance transportation. The time of this terminal activity is selected after the rainy season and the tractor's ploughing task is basically synchronized. Service personnel carry fuel filter elements and engine oil filter elements to carry out terminal visits. For users within the warranty period, service personnel will provide free maintenance services. For users who have been out of warranty period, service personnel give technical guidance and carry out paid maintenance services

the economic benefits produced by the social environment and natural environment in Africa are relatively poor, and the maintenance service is particularly important after a period of high-intensity operation of tractors. This terminal visit has greatly deepened brand influence and improved user reputation while ensuring the quality of the whole machine and extending its service life. In the future, Lovol overseas service engineers will also continue to provide solid support for users' friends and relieve their worries about production

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