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Introduce R7 4800h and i7 10875h comparison evaluation, which is better? Is there a big difference in game performance

r7 4800h and i7 10875h are recently popular AMD and Intel high-performance processors respectively. How about the performance of these two processors? How to choose a notebook equipped with R7 4800h and i7 10875h processors? Now let's introduce it in detail for the reference of friends in need

I. comparison between R7 4800h and i7 10875h:

1. The parameter information of R7 4800h is: 8-core 16 threads, the reference clock frequency is 2.9ghz, the maximum acceleration clock frequency is as high as 4.2ghz, the default tdp/tdp 45W, CTDP W, the maximum temperature is 105 ° C (check the popular notebook with RH processor)

2, the parameter information of i7 10875h is: 8-core 16 threads, the CPU main frequency is 2.3ghz, the dynamic acceleration frequency is 5.1ghz

generally speaking, I7 10, that is, the initial stress of plastic protection of social harmony and instability, 875h has better game performance, R7 4800h has more advantages as a productivity tool, and its carrying notebook has higher cost performance

II. Hot selling notebooks equipped with R7 4800h and i7 10875h recommended:

1. Lenovo Savior r7000p

reference price: ¥ 7999.00 (check activity quotation)

configuration: rh+16g+512g+ssd+rtx2060+144hz100%srgb

user comments: this computer for my brother is very good-looking. This low-key appearance is eye-catching. It's impossible to say the picture quality. It must be high refresh and prefer high color gamut. SSD can be said to be very cool. Amd yes, large-scale games are effective. Check the quantity and quality of the instruments and accessories in the box in time according to the list. Fruit: at present, there is no problem. Hynix's memory, Samsung's solid state, and others are no problem. Overall, I am satisfied. In short, at this price, this configuration, there is nothing to choose from. Be safe, just get on the bus

2. Lenovo Savior y7000p

reference price: ¥ 8999.00 (check activity quotation)

configuration: 8-core ih+16g+512g+rtx2060+144hz, 100%srgb

user comments: the box is well packed, without extrusion and deformation! The appearance of the computer is simple and elegant, and the backlit keyboard is very beautiful! After the boot, Master Lu ran 500000 points, very satisfied! Very smooth to use! However, if you choose the automatic graphics card switching mode, there will be cards, which will reduce the production cost of the enterprise. You need to choose the independent graphics card mode or the integrated graphics card mode

III. summary:

r7 4800h and i7 10875h are compared. Generally speaking, it is mainly in terms of price and performance release. In terms of price, R7 4800h is more cost-effective and tends to be more productive, supplemented by games. I7 10875h has strong performance release. Friends who pursue higher performance are recommended to use this processor's game book, which depends on the power consumption of notebook models

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