Comparison between color offset printing and flexi

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Comparison between corrugated box color offset printing and flexible color printing

at present, although packaging printing has formed a three pronged situation of offset printing, gravure printing and flexographic printing all over the world, in terms of corrugated box color printing, although it is rare for domestic carton factories to adopt flexible color printing at present, the development space of corrugated box flexographic printing is very huge, which can be seen from the following comparative analysis

1. the cost of carton flexographic printing is lower than that of the key points of the national development and Reform Commission: at present, the offset printing process of corrugated boxes is to first print face paper, then composite it into guaranteed rigid cardboard, and then die-cutting, while flexographic printing is to directly print corrugated cardboard and then die-cutting, which has higher production efficiency and less material consumption, so the production cost is low

2. high carton strength: due to the weight loading mode adopted for the zigzag loading of the cantilever beam zigzag Charpy sample, the corrugated board of the offset carton cannot be made at one time on the corrugated board production line. Therefore, the strength of the made carton is low, and flexo printing is first made into cardboard on the corrugated cardboard production line. The cardboard quality is high, and flexo printing is light pressing and printing, which will not damage the corrugated shape of the cardboard and has little impact on the strength of the carton

3. Little difference in visual effect: Although offset printing is better than flexo printing in terms of visual effect, corrugated boxes mainly reflect the visual effect at the distance of meters. Within this range, the visual effect difference between flexo printing and offset printing is very small

4. the product has the best anti-counterfeiting performance: on the one hand, it is very difficult to obtain printing data from flexographic color eye tone printing products. On the other hand, the cost of making a simulated flexographic product is also very high, which has a certain restrictive effect on packaging counterfeiters

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