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Sun paper establishes a strategic partnership with international paper industry

recently, Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation contract with international paper giant American International, officially establishing a strategic partnership. The two sides decided to invest 480million US dollars to establish a joint venture in Yanzhou to jointly produce coated white cardboard and sterile liquid packaging paper. It is reported that the project will fill the gap in the domestic paper industry and end the history of relying on imports of sterile liquid packaging paper

it is understood that American international paper, as the world's largest forest products company and the world's largest paper enterprise, currently ranks 153rd among the world's top 500 enterprises. Sun paper is also among the best in the domestic paper industry. Its main products are cigarette cards, liquid packaging paper and coated paperboard, which are sold well at home and abroad. Wuliangye, Zhonghua tobacco and other packaging paper are produced by sun paper. After negotiation, the technical development of the dual experimental machine also received attention, and the party soon reached an agreement

polycarbonate "new 3-yuan" capacitive graphene composite NCA lithium-ion battery utilization technology according to the agreement signed by both parties, the two sides will establish a joint venture in Yanzhou, and international paper will invest US $160million in a new 300000 ton liquid packaging paper production line on the basis of purchasing 50% equity of the existing coated white cardboard production line (425000 tons of production capacity) of sun paper. After the completion of the project, the joint venture can form a sales scale of 5.2 billion yuan, with profits and taxes of more than 700million yuan

Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd., which is about to be issued, is established by Shandong Sun Paper Group Co., Ltd. as a whole. The main initiator is Yanzhou Golden Sun Trading Co., Ltd., which holds 92.7% of the company's equity. The other four sponsors are Yanzhou Xinyan town collective assets management Co., Ltd., Yanzhou Xudong pulp and Paper Sales Co., Ltd., Yanzhou Tianyang renewable resources Recycling Co., Ltd. and Yanzhou Sunshine Paper Products Co., Ltd. The main business of the company is the production and sales of machine-made paper and paperboard. Its products are divided into coated cardboard, cultural paper and all kinds of base paper, involving more than 150 varieties. The main products are coated white cardboard, coated white cardboard, coated paper, double offset paper, electrostatic base paper, etc., which are mainly used for packaging, magazine printing, etc. Lego is currently repairing its factory in Jiaxing, China

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