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Sun paper held a public open day and actively invited public supervision

sun paper held a public open day recently, and actively invited the media and investors. What should we do to test the toughness of deep impact samples? Join the company to understand the relevant situation, accept the supervision of the public, and promise to incorporate this 4. Adopt pressure adaptive oil source activities into the enterprise management system

Li Hongxin, chairman of the company, said that enterprises need to live in harmony with society, pay attention to sustainable development, environmental protection, and the progress of social undertakings. As a listed company, they also need to live in harmony with shareholders, be transparent in information, be honest, and constantly create healthy profits

he introduced that the company has a set of information disclosure system built in strict accordance with the modern enterprise system. This open day activity is to strengthen the real communication with the society under this system, and strengthen the transparency of some common issues that should be paid attention to, so that the company can obtain continuous and healthy development momentum under the supervision and support of the public, and build a platform for information exchange with all parties, Express the sincerity of the company and the society to grow together, the sincerity of paying "packaging tax" for healthy development under the attention of the general public, and the sincerity of being a sensible company

it is understood that during the open day, the main leaders of the company do not leave their posts in principle and accept various inquiries from the public at any time. At the same time, all plant areas of the enterprise are open for visitors to visit at any time

Li Hongxin introduced that the company's current liquid packaging paper project in cooperation with the world's largest paper giant, American international paper, will be put into operation in August this year, which will fill the gap in Asia; The company will also establish raw material and pulp and paper bases in Southeast Asia, build a raw material base to ensure long-term development, and create an industrial chain of Forest Pulp and paper integration

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