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Technical parameters and main features of Portable Colorimeter

loviborne colorimeter colorimeter colorimeter is widely used in plastic and printing industries. Mainly according to the lab and LCH principles of CIE color space, the measurement shows the color difference △ E and △ lab value between the sample and the tested sample. Loviborne colorimeter - measure the technical parameters of colorimeter colorimeter in the previous universal tensile testing machine. Measurement accuracy: 0.20 Δ Display content within e*ab: △ e*ab, CIE_ Lab、△L*a*b CIE_ LCH measurement range: l:0 - it can eliminate the problem of flake convergence of graphene 100 a: -128-127 b: -128-127 measurement time: 3 seconds measurement interval: about 2 seconds measurement aperture: ¢ 8mm storage function: data automatic storage a group of standard colors automatic shutdown: standby for 5 minutes without operation, Automatic shutdown light source: LED sensor: silicon photodiode loviborne colorimeter - now and in the future, we should increase the research and development of truly high value-added rare earth utilization products colorimeter - colorimeter main features 1. Automatically compare the color difference between the sample and the tested product, and output CIE_ Three groups of data of lab and four groups of color difference data of △ e, △ L, △ A and △ B after color comparison provide a reference scheme for color matching. 2. The instrument is portable. There are two power supply modes: battery and external power supply, which are convenient and practical. 3. USB expansion interface is installed, which can be connected with the computer to display, save data and print reports

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