Technical measures to prevent the explosion damage

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Technical measures to prevent switch explosion damage accident

1 before operation, check whether the grounding knife and grounding wire of the switch and its equipment are all removed, and whether the error prevention device is normal

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2 after the inspection and maintenance of equipment or switches, the switches, cables and equipment should be insulated before power transmission, and power transmission can be carried out only after they are normal

3 before the switch operation, check that the control circuit, coaching circuit, control power supply or hydraulic circuit are normal, and the energy storage mechanism has stored energy and is ready for operation

4 after the start-up, the billet purchase is more active. In order to prevent the burning and explosion of the switch arc extinguishing chamber, the system operation mode should be adjusted reasonably, and the switch with insufficient opening capacity must be limited, adjusted, transformed and replaced

5 reasonably change the system operation mode, limit and reduce the system short-circuit current

6 take corresponding measures from relay protection, assist the tripping sequence of primary equipment and control switches, and realize good and reliable locking for circuits with overcurrent locking

7 always monitor the operation condition of the arc extinguishing medium in the arc extinguishing chamber of the switch, such as oil level, oil pressure, air pressure, etc. if it is found that the arc extinguishing medium leaks in order to avoid the displacement of the steel wire rope joint on the pin joint, the maintenance shall be notified in time. It is strictly prohibited to operate in the case of a serious lack of arc extinguishing medium in the switch. In case of oil and gas leakage of the switch and failure to maintain normal operation, the maintenance personnel shall be notified immediately to install a mechanical full digital program-controlled amplifier, which shall be inserted into the computer and locked to prevent the switch from opening. For some allowable switch control circuits, the control power supply of the switch can be disconnected when necessary to fix the switch state

8 regularly check the bushing to support the pollution degree of the insulator and insulator and prevent flashover caused by the dirt of the insulator

9 before putting into operation after the maintenance of the switch, the closing and tripping tests of the switch should be carried out to ensure that the closing and tripping iron core acts flexibly without jamming, and prevent the refusal to open or close

10 reasonably maintain the DC operation power supply to prevent switch failure and burning accidents caused by DC power supply failure. Protect the reliability of DC power supply and the normal specification of DC voltage

11 prevent air leakage and dampness of the air switch

12 the main pipe of the air storage tank of the compressed air system should be regularly drained to prevent water from entering the switch and moist air

13 the seal of each sealing part shall be free of aging, deformation and damage. If there is air leakage, it shall be handled in time

14 the insulation resistance of the switch must be strictly monitored, and the switch with qualified insulation resistance must not be put into operation

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