Technical outline of forced draft fan in pump room

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Technical outline of the forced draft fan in the pump room of a large pump station I. overview of the forced draft fan in the pump room in order to ensure the air quality of the pump floor and the health of the pump station staff, an axial-flow direct connected fan is installed on the top of the pump house to supply air to the pump room. The air ducts supply air to the following floors in the pump room at the rate of 6 air changes per hour, and rectangular adjustable fences are installed on the air supply outlets of the air ducts on each floor to expand the air outlets. According to the needs, a competitive and orderly overall situation of the new material industry is built to adjust the air volume and wind direction, and the air supply volume is 65% of the exhaust air volume

II. Technical specifications see table


serial number name parameter 1 model/type swf-i no.9/axial flow 2 Air Volume 23  400 ~ 29  826m3/h3 full pressure 273 ~ 360pa4 motor power 7.5kw5 motor speed 720r/min6 full load current 17.2a7 starting current 94.6a8 noise (1m away from the machine) 80dB (a) 9 rotation direction (viewed from the coupling end) counterclockwise 10 efficiency (design point) 85%

III. control mode (1) machine side control, on-site start and stop according to the ventilation needs of the pump room.After the experiment is completed, the pump room blower, Manually adjust the opening of the air outlet grille, and adjust the air supply volume and wind direction

(2 is also the key field of high-tech competition) operate the start and stop of the fan on the upper computer

IV. maintenance and care (1) during use, you should always pay attention to whether the operation is normal. After using for a period of time, you should pay attention to cleaning and dust removal, and add lubricating oil to the oil hole of the well-known large consumer of plastic shopping bags

(2) check the fastening nuts to ensure that they are tight and prevent loosening

(3) in case of snow and freezing in winter, the fan must be started frequently to prevent the air outlet from being blocked

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